Wednesday, September 19

Happy Anniversary 1/365

I've had my job for a year and a day. Ah, what a wonderful time it's been. :-)

Thursday, September 6

I love my job

I just purchased this fabulous Joseph Abboud laptop bag. 50% off because I work for Apple. I also just bought and Airport Express which will hopefully come in handy when Comcast comes tomorrow to connect me once again to the vastness of the Intertubes.

NB: The little critter next to the bag is Trump,'s mascot. A gift from dearest Tan when he got his new job.

Wednesday, September 5

From My Professor's Email To the Class

"You will need a Realone video player to use the video links…"


I think I need more coffee in my diet

I must have been exhausted last night. I couldn't find my keys this morning. I have two sets and the second I knew I left in my jacket so it wasn't really a problem. When I was ready to head off to classes, I walked out the door and my earphones got caught on the door. Specifically they caught on the keys I left in the doorknob. I think my unconscious self is trying to get me killed.

Tuesday, September 4

The "Fun" Begins Again

As I mentioned earlier, no Internet access at home. I'm at school right now and after exclusively using the iPhone for days, the tactile response of an actual keyboard is rather surreal. It feels wrong.

Classes start today. I am slightly hung over and my throat is sore from all the cigarettes I smoked last night. Clearly I hate myself. I just have one class on Tuesdays / Thursdays, so I think I'll be okay.

Monday, September 3

I don't care if you don't watch this video

The song, however, you must listen to.

Download the mp3 here.

Saturday, September 1

End of Summer

So I just moved into my new studio. I like it a lot. It needs some furnishing bit I think I can get out to IKEA fairly soon. The bad news is that (except for AT&T's underappreciated EDGE) I'm without Internet access. Thank Steve for iPhone. Anyway if you'd like pictures of my entirely bare apartment, see here and go to the iPhone uploads gallery.

Sunday, July 22


I just got this shirt from threadless. I'm a big fan both of the design and content. I was worried that I might have to edit it after the release of the new Harry Potter book, but according to the wikipedia entry on Dumbledore, which I'm assuming has been edited by the crazies who stayed up til midnight to buy a copy of the book, read it twice while driving home and then blog about how they totally knew that would happen to Snape / Harry / whomever. (Interesting, pertinent article via boingboing.)

Oh, and for some HP shits, giggles and pretty much everything that is wrong with the world, be sure to check out his eponymous entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Be careful. Some of the links on there might get you fired and / or your computer seized.

P.S. Retroactive spoiler alert. : )

Saturday, July 21


Your Score: Ceiling Cat
47% Affectionate / 48% Excitable / 46% Hungry

You are a master of stealth. They never see you coming. But you always see them coming. HEY-O! To see all possible results, checka dis.
Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test

Monday, June 25

Most Irritating Song

James Blunt's You're Beautiful was voted most irritating song of all time. Finally. It's a shame that song raked in as much money as it did. Only the brain dead American public could appreciate being told they're beautiful that many times.

Friday, June 22


I really want this to happen. Totally a win-win situation; either the Bush's are forced to defend themselves against Them, or they lose money to Them and are humiliated. Further.


Generally birth order theories are just bad science, but I decided I'd pull a Templeton Foundation and post this story because it makes me looks smarter. (Not that I had much in the way of competition.) Anyway, apparently the Norwegians have found that first-borns are the smartest. They don't say why, but that really doesn't matter. I personally won't waste my immense brain power on such trivial matters. I have the world's problems to solve. Or mine in the meantime.

Also, I think the BBC should have censored this part of the story: "A Norwegian team found first born children and those who had lost elder siblings and had hence become the eldest, scored higher on intelligence." First of all, obviously if the smartest is dead, the next smartest is technically the smartest. And what's an envious not-quite-as-smart younger sibling to do about it? Kill their big brother / sister! Those Norwegians may be all about fratricide, but I have my reservations about most or all "-cides".

Wednesday, June 20

The DDR Possibilities are Endless

Thanks to FakeSteve for this one.

Tuesday, June 19


I recently joined and it is my latest internet addiction. Now you can see what I'm listening to at all times. How cool is that? There's a little chart in my sidebar here, or you can go to to see my profile with plenty of (embarrassing?) details about the music I listen to.

Thursday, June 14

i fit iron dick

If you're looking for a good pseudonym, nothing beats a bad anagram. This fun anagram generator can help you out. Some of my personal favorites:
  • hampered brenner art
  • barnhard preen meter
  • bernhard rape me rent